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Your carpet needs regular care to maintain its appearance, and to get the most life from it as possible. No matter how well you vacuum, your carpet will continue to trap dirt and soil. Whether your carpet has heavy foot traffic, pets, children, or just normal wear, periodically using residential carpet cleaning services will keep your home environment cleaner and more healthy to live in.


At Hoerr Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in residential carpet cleaning services. We care about each customers’ home, furniture, and tile, as well as carpets.


Having your carpets cleaned will keep your home environment cleaner and more healthy to live in.

Carpet Cleaning

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We start by obtaining as much information as we can during the initial phone call to setup the appointment. By getting a clear idea of your specific needs, we can provide the highest level of service.

Upon arrival at your home. our technicians are polite, punctual, and professional.

We take the time to walk the job with you, noting your concerns and explaining our procedure. We will give you accurate estimates of how long the work will take, and what you can expect with dry time, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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We would love to discuss your carpet cleaning needs.